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I take a practical approach to treatment and through my own experience have managed to make some life long changes in my health. Before studying I didn't have much of an idea of nutrition and how food can make you feel. My idea of a good meal was to cook 2 minute noodles, add precooked BBQ chicken pieces and maybe a bit of broccoli... Chicken stir-fry! I still love a good glass of red and a great meal with my nearest and dearest. I have no interest in subjecting myself to strict diets that makes it hard to have a social life, and I don't expect my clients too either. But importantly those strict diets can be very damaging for your metabolism. Metabolism affects your general energy that the body needs to heal and replenish itself. I believe your body is the best barometer of what you need. If you have to try with all your might to not eat a particular food group, there is a reason your body is craving it, and that need to be taken into account. The choice of how you satisfy these requirements is ultimately up to you, and learning about yourself and what your body is trying to tell you is down to education and experience.

I believe that health is the ability to tolerate everything rather than cutting things out so you only eat the things you can tolerate.

The aspect I love most about Naturopathy is the puzzle that every client presents. There are so many aspects to take into account when you are looking for the origins of a problem, it is very satisfying to solve these puzzles and get results for people.

I have special interest in metabolism of the body and how that relates to energy at every level. I do extensive research of my own to further understand the physiology of function and how with vitamin and mineral deficiencies different metabolic pathways can not work optimally. I specifically look at unbiased clinical research, rather than research released by companies trying to sell products - both pharmaceutical and natural.