Listen to Yourself

Vitamins, herbs, minerals, superfoods. Company's bombard us every day with supplements extolling their life changing benefits. Every product is a saviour!

It can be hard to cut through the white noise to make healthy decisions for you and your family. Over the next five columns I would like to try and simplify things for you, to help you make decisions on what is right for your situation.

It is my view that health is all to do with energy. You need energy to undertake activities, thoughts and even use energy in caring for others. More importantly, on top of the energy you've already used - you need energy to heal!

Healing is happening in the body all the time. Cells are constantly being broken down and renewed and this takes energy and nutrient resources. The primary source of energy for your body is from what goes into your mouth. Food is essential to life. So obviously food is of primary importance when you are considering your health. Natural supplements have their place in terms of nutrient deficiencies but by using them all the time you are not getting to the base of a problem. It is only a bandaid fix and could possibly throw out other nutrient ratios at the same time. This cycle is self perpetuating. If the nutritional base is established the supplementation can be used in smaller amounts for shorter durations with better results, saving you money in the process. So let's take a look at food.

Very simply your body needs carbohydrates, protein and fats to complete all of the functions to keep you healthy and constantly healing. Every body needs them all but the ratio changes from person to person, which is why no one diet will work for everyone. The important thing is to start taking notice of how food makes you feel. When you've finished a meal you should feel satisfied without feeling uncomfortable. If you crave sweet things after your meal it is possible that the ratio of carbohydrates to the protein/fat content was a little out for you. Cravings are all a way of your body letting you know it needs something, paying attention to them can help to keep you healthy.