It is my view that the most effective way to treat ailments is to support the natural healing process. Healing is most efficiently achieved if the body is well nourished with food.

I use supplementation sparingly. If the body is getting sufficient nutrition, there is a reduced need for supplementation. Long term healing is rarely achieved by supplementation. Rather than you being a 'slave' to a pill for the rest of your life, nutritional and lifestyle modification will result in a permanent fix. It also gives you control of your healing and decreases the need for ongoing medical visits as you are equipped with the tools to combat ailments for life.

If supplementation is considered necessary, it is through vitamins and minerals, Western Herbal Tinctures and therapeutic teas.

I take an individual approach to how each person digests different food types. Initially different food groups may need increasing or decreasing. However once healing is progressing and everything is eaten in moderation there should be no foods groups that have to be 'cut out'.

There are many personal and societal stressors that affect the way we process food. Effective digestion creates energy which drives healing. In the process of healing these stressors need to be identified. They can then be resolved or reduced, to free up energy for the body to utilise. Internal stressors include things like a poor diet, artificial foods and possibly not eating enough food. External stressors include responsibilities, self-perception, stress associated with work, family, money... the list is endless.

Health is understanding your own body and how it handles both internal and external stress. You are your most qualified health practitioner.

My role is to educate you on ways of reducing internal stressors through improved lifestyle choices and nutrition. This will create energy and better equip you to deal with external stressors. Whole life improvement starts from within.